September 17, 2013

Blogging from school...

Blogging from school - ain't that cool!?
I can rhythms - ain't that fine!?

August 12, 2013


I don't know if I like school or I don't like school. Homework is almost a stupid excuse that teachers put on us so we aren't able to pursue our hobbies and stop us from hassling our parents about when dinner will be made... - I'M KIDDING!!! After having done schools mandatory work experience I realised, WOW - is work easier compared to school, it focuses on one topic you are good at, and you continue doing work in that field to actually make a difference in the world. Sure we're learning in school, but I don't need ALL THIS MATH, SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY, etc. Sure, there are some aspects in all of these classes that make us really interested, but I've been doing this pointless work for the last three years of High School and it seems over-the-top unlikely that I would need to know what a Neutron looks like in a highly detailed graph.

Social aspects are yeah-ish... Ups, Downs, all arounds... But that's not the point of school. We go to school to learn, or something?... WAIT I REMEMBER...

The memories:

School not only gives us some of the greatest memories in our life's - it is the BEST TIME IN OUR LIFE! We are deciding on our future, we got school activities, Sports Day, International Day, Day's Off Day's... ITS SO MUCH FUN!

So now I can relax, and think over why I wrote this...

July 11, 2013

First iPhone

Posting from my first iPhone.

Now I could of never imagined a phone taking up so much of your life. I have had an Android smartphone for quite a while but it was too dang slow to use the features on the phone that were smart.

Today I've been getting a bunch of apps, configuring a whole lot and making everything just how I want it.

I must say that some features I will miss from my Jailbreaked iPod Touch and Dodgy iPhone - but overall the experience here is better

Sponsored by Apple $&&?56;)$$$$$$$$$$??????

April 13, 2013

Nintendo Nightmare (Dream), Forever & Ever & Ever...

I made this video to remind us of the childhood adventures some of us grew up with through video games - just as any artform: Games, Movies, Music, etc. They all push our imagination to all kinds of stuff...

January 02, 2013

Ramblings of an Artist...

The beginning is always the hardest part of writing a story, and I mean 'way' at the start, the point where you are trying to think of an idea. You might be a professional author, were you might have a deadline from the publisher... This means you are forced to write, and do it fast! You may just be trying to earn money and the easiest way if your a writer is write tons of cheap action driven screenplays, but you still want to keep them original.

Some people think inspiration comes from things that already exist, and from there, the inspiration will only suffer more from being altered again and again. I wonder where these original ideas came from in the first place, I just see lack of work and tons of people slacking off.
And when artistic integrity takes over the original goal – which is to become well respected in your profession. If your going to hold off your work, you might as well not be an artist at all, because your going to get nowhere with that attitude.

Maybe you're the type of person that feels like you're making something great at the time, but then later on your courage goes away and you feel its horrible. You may show it too a friend straight after you complete it, and in the case of a novel, while waiting for them to finish it, your thinking, “what have I done? They're going to hate it!” - this is what it is like for many writers, they might over think and start making things up, like they won't ever make it in their profession. Don't worry, maybe you should get inspiration from things that already exist and alter them slightly, that way we'll all get along and we already know its a good story. In all seriousness, this 'problem' where you may think your work is horrible is only at the beginning, you'll get used to showing your work to people, you just need to find someone that likes your ideas and actually 'wants' to read it. Then you'll have no problem with showing it to them again for more critique. Please try not to show off! Don't just give it to any random people, only do that, after polishing your work to perfection, that is when art can go on display, that is when you can finally feel proud.

I just ate dinner, now that I'm not deprived from food, and my brain is in full order, I am starting to think what the point of me writing this was...

August 18, 2012

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August 04, 2012

I hope-

-That this blog doesn't automatically get deleted, for long time no use.

Click The Image To See Full Glory!

July 07, 2012

Long time no type

I have not written a blog post in such a long time... To make it up to my loyal fans out there. ...
Anyway, I wanted to bring news of my current doings:
.Today I uploaded a YouTube video:
.I obtained a new camera, which happens to use Advance Photo System film, I do not know were I am going to get it developed. Soon I shall develop 2 rolls of 35mm film, one of the rolls happens to be expired 2005, the other is not expired.

Whatever, not much news, but to make it up, I shall upload a picture that I drew onto this blog:
WAIT WAIT WAIT: I GOT DISTRACTED AND FOUND THAT I HAVE 4 DISLIKES NOW. I know that one of my likes was my 'Mokaman51' account, another was my other account 'MikaEfrat', the third one was a friend of mine that I asked to have this video 'liked', actually my dad just liked the video, but WHO IS THE FOURTH LIKER?

Anyway, now for the picture:

THE END, finally...